Public Beta
Version 2.0b of ColorSPY is a public beta release for your review. The official 
release of v2.0 is scheduled for (DELAYED). Notification will be sent out to all 
members of the ColorSPY Mailing List. To keep informed on what's new with 
ColorSPY sign up now.
Help us make ColorSPY better! Please email feedback and bug reports. 
Download ColorSPY v2.0b Public Beta now!
What's new for ColorSPY v2.0b
  60x60 Magnification Window with user definable zooming range from 1x to 8x
  Screen Capture! Now you can quickly grab images anywhere on your screen
     to be pasted into your favorite graphics application.
  Systray Icon and minimize to systray capabilities
  Shows Windows System Resources on Systray Icon Tool Tip
  Right click popup menu available from Systray Icon
  Color Mixer. Perfect for experimenting or fine tuning colors
  Speed Keys. No need to pop up the menu, just press the appropriate speed
     key when ColorSPY has focus i.e. press S for Screen Capture utility
  View Desktop option added to menu
  Inclusion of Assembly language color codes
  Shift+F9 Hotkey - Quick color code grabber  (Color code text at cursor is copied to clipboard)
  Altt+F9  Hotkey - Quick color code mixer edit (Color at cursor is used in the mixer)
  Now includes fully integrated Windows install and uninstall
Fixed!: Elusive Color Sample Box freezing bug!
Fixed!: Several minor Memory Leaks!
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